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Williard Groth was born the first child to Jack and Ellen Groth
Williard married Barbara and they had three children:
Twila; B. ??
Joy; B. ??
and ??
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Connie Remembers Groths and Claypools living on Ten Mile Creek in Plasant Valley:

I just enjoy your Dad's recollections so-o much. Gary laughed and laughed when he read about the dynamiting at Peterson's Lake. Sounds like something most men would love to do (especially as a culmination to all that hard work of digging the ditch). Could you ask your Dad some more 'do you remembers' about the Claypool bunch? When I was a child, Claude and Cora lived about four miles up the road from our place (next to the Phil McClellan family). When did they move to that house? Also, I remember Ellen Groth living in the brick house by the road next to Ten Mile Creek in my younger years too (I was especially intrigued by Stanley's bright red hair since I didn't know any other red heads). I used to baby sit for Brenda and Dave in the house across the road from Norberg's (the same house LeAnne and Walter eventually lived in) but I don't remember when the Groth's left (is that when they moved to California?) and Dave moved his family to that place. Maybe Jeff was old enough to remember? I know it was before I left home 'cause we used to go over there to swim sometimes in the summer with Dave's family. It would be so neat if all this stuff was saved with genealogy instead of just this dry stuff about - got born, moved to, got married, died of - ... There are such wonderful adventures in history that we are missing out on. But of course we are writing our own historical adventures if we save them and pass them on to our kids. Love you all - and hugs around. Connie

Williard and Barbara Groth Family

Children of Williard and Barbara Groth

Twila B. ??
Joy B. ??